Saturday, March 24, 2007

Review: Sons (Sønner)

Give me back my snicker!

Who is to blame if pleasure overcomes guilt even when you know its wrong? At what limit would it apply to? You would think this would apply to the predator but would the prey be in the same turmoil too or is it just to create predatorial confusion? That was what happened to Lars, a mild mannered man, working for the swimming complex, who decides to take matters in his own hand when he notices a rumored pedophile in the pool. He sets off to prove his find and decides to stake-out, armed with a video camera, to expose the vile. Little did he know (and suspected to us...), his actions triggers a series of deep forgotten realization of everyones common past forcing themselves to face the truth and confronting them. A well rounded drama thriller, this satire is engaging and well paced. With a touchy subject at hand, although nothing absurdly profane, was handled well, even giving the protagonist a say in the matter as well, much like Kevin Bacon's film, The Woodsmen, with the view point of the abused ones and its effect.

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