Saturday, March 24, 2007

Review: Retribution (Sakebi)

There's a kiddy pool at the corner if you want...

For those who is familiar with Kurosawa Kiyoshi's work, you'll not expect a typical horror film. For the uninitiated, the style thats always in favor have a deeper meaning then it seems as in the case of retribution, where Yoshioka, a cop investigating a murdered woman where he realizes a connection to himself that he has no recollection of. What made it worse is the ghostly appearance of the murdered woman hence starting a horror-mystery journey. Intriguing and vastly fascinating, one would would tend to forgive the somehow comedic physicality of the presence that defies all knowledge of what we have come in terms of a ghost in J-Horror. The directors visual sense so far has never failed to amaze me with a backdrop of urban de-construction-construction nicely framing his storytelling that reflects the social breakdown and surrealism in a different representation rendered in a melancholy unstable haunting.

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