Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Carpet: Whispers and Moans

You would expect that a film festival in Hong Kong would have at least a Hong Kong movie making its world premiere. This year, there are a few, from Yau Nai-hoi's Eye in the Sky making it as an Opening Film, to Billy Chung's Undercover (coverage coming soon) and this year's HKIFF Director in Focus Herman Yau having not one but two movies making their world premieres.

Whispers and Moans is the first of these two (the other being A Mob Story), and the Red Carpet was a highlight given the number in its ensemble cast turning up to grace the occasion, as well as support from fellow actors such as Nick Cheung and Ada Chan.

Here's the pictorial from the event, for your viewing pleasure!

Pictures Coming Up Real Soon!

Text: Stefan
Pictures: Lokman / Stefan

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