Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Carpet: The Pye-Dog

Fans of Eason Chan gathered at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to welcome his arrival for the World Premiere screening of The Pye-Dog. Producer Teddy Robin, and veterans George Lam and Siu Yam Yam were also present at the Red Carpet, as they shared a moment with the press and fans.

Director Derek Kwok actually wore a T-shirt that said "Full House", reflecting his hopes that this evening's screening will be a sell out. It indeed was, as the vocal supporters of Eason ensured that. Given that it is actually his directorial debut (similar to Yau Nai-Hoi of Eye in the Sky, he too is an accomplished scriptwriter making that cross to directing), you can no doubt feel his anxiousness.

Eason stated that the movie had been completed for some time, made over a year ago, and it was his privilege to be able to work with a great team, and called upon everyone to appreciate the movie's beauty as we enjoy the story.

Gia Lin shared that she had been in a number of movie, but this one ranked as her favourite in her current filmography, while Siu Yam Yam revealed that she liked working with both George and Eason, and managed to learn a lot from them. She got involved in the movie when she received a call from producer Teddy Robin, asking if she would like to sing together with both of them i the movie, but whet our appetites when she said it's not what we think it is, and we have to watch the movie to find out just what it was.

George Lam was all praises for the director, whom he said was extremely hardworking, and got involved in the project as it presented him an opportunity to reminisce the working experience with Teddy Robin, even though they happen to be on different sides of the screen. Let's hope that one day we do see the duo onscreen together in the same movie!

More Pictures and Video to come soon!

Text: Stefan
Photos: Stefan
Video: CK Yip

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