Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Carpet: Ming Ming

While waiting for the arrival of the cast and crew of Ming Ming, the trailer and music from the movie filled the air, and there was something distinct and peculiar about the movie, especially its very sexy looking cinematography from what can be seen in the trailer.

Director Susie Au introduced Ming Ming as a pop film, complete with animated sequences, telling a love story in a fantasy premise. It's meshed with different styles and narrates in a non-conventional manner, to hopefully provide a fresh and different approach for the audience.

Anthony Wong, who collaborated with Veronica Lee on the music, added that the soundtrack combines many elements from rock, classical and electronica, while for Veronica, it's her first time composing music for a big movie.

Zhou Xun shared that she enjoyed the experience of playing 2 roles in the same movie, while Daniel Wu highlighted that it as a very fresh movie, and it indeed was rare as a gathering of talented people in their respective fields. Moreover, the way that the movie was shot made everybody look very sexy!

Photos and Videos to come soon! Do Check Back!

Text: Stefan
Pictures: Lokman, Stefan
Video: CK Yip

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