Monday, March 19, 2007

Red Carpet: I'm a Cyborg but That's OK

The second red carpet event was almost 90 minutes after the first, during which the crowd had swelled to almost 400 strong, clearly made up of Asian singer Rain's fans. A creative bunch, they made placards with multi-coloured LED lights, with little messages of love and the spelling of Rain's name in Korean and English. Some even had moving lights that resembled rain drops. They occasionally screamed little slogans of affection, livening up the atmosphere of waiting with utmost patience.

What's more, a group of almost 20 even came decked in the blue mask that Rain wears in the movie. Talk about devotion to their idol, most of the fans were at the foyer waiting, some almost for 4 hours, before the trio of Park Chan-wook, Lim Su-jeong, and of course Rain, made it to the Red Carpet.

And the fans couldn't contain their excitement much longer, as their cheers reached crescendos that echoed multiple decibels throughout the foyer. Cameras flashed incessantly as Press and Fans alike tried to get the best picture possible amidst the crowd. Every smile, every wave and every look back as they made their way to the stage area, was greeted with plenty of cheers, so much that it resembled a rock concert of sorts.

At the stage, Lim Su-jeong and Rain were delighted and pleased to have met their fans, and were moved by their show of support. Fans who had managed to get tickets to the sold out screening, were eagerly anticipating meeting their idols inside the theatre.

And here's an exclusive look at the reception given to the special guests, from the Red Carpet to the Stage Area

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Text: Stefan
Videos / Pictures: Lokman / CK Yip / Stefan


The Visitor said...

Rain was walking around Berlin and no one batted an eyelid at him! so different on different continents.

Stefan S said...

I suppose he'll know where to go for a holiday undisturbed!