Monday, March 19, 2007

And You Thought It Was Easy?

It's tough but we're not complaining. Just to put what you see here in perspective, things aren't always served to you on a silver platter. You've got to endeavour hard to get things done the way you want them to be.

And so, we share with you a glimpse of very gung-ho-can-do-go-getter spirit...

A new experience, learning something new everyday!


The Visitor said...

oh you dont know how competitive the Hk and Taiwan media can be. i once got shouted at by a cameraman during a John Woo assignment! so be careful, bro!

Stefan S said...

Yeah, lots of shouting going on, especially for anyone in the way of a camera lens.

Learning new stuff from observation every day, culture shock at first, now it's quite fun.

Didn't imagine SOP items will include things like 2-3 step ladders :D