Monday, March 26, 2007

Review: Refrain

Maggi Mee good to eat!

I'm sure Cui Zi'en, has its metaphysical ingenuity towards his trilogy which transcends inner emotions rather than spoken words, but this takes the cake as the battle to struggle through 109 minutes of minimalist performance and setting takes place. As the main two (only) characters fought through ethics and social distrust, the longing views and antics of the situation they go through might just be too much for one to keep still and enjoy. In a nutshell younger brother, dying from AIDS, is worried for his retarded elder when he's time comes. Not trusting of the world outside, he tries to pull him along for a suicide pact.

If only he would develop on character build-up and developed a more social clashing setting would this be a powerful feature that teaches us a thing or two about death and society in a homosexual context which has ben all done too long.

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