Friday, March 30, 2007

Red Carpet: Spider Lilies

The Red Carpet was graced today by the director and stars of Spider Lilies - Zero Chou, Isabella Leong and Shen Jian-hung. Noticeably absent however, was Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang, but that didn't stop the cheers of support for the film, especially from the many fans of Isabella Leong who were present.

Director Zero Chou introduced the film, and hoped that Hong Kong audiences will be able to like the movie, and she was happy with the turnout for the screening. Spider Lilies presented many firsts for Isabella Leong, from starring in a Taiwanese film, working together with Zero Chou, as well as being cast in a lesbian role. She thought it was refreshing, and was very happy that the movie made it to Hong Kong. She also hoped that audiences will lend their support to Taiwan movies. Shen Jian-hung, who plays Isabella's brother in the movie, had few words to share - that he was happy to have been able to work with both the director and Isabella.

You can check out some video excerpts from the Red Carpet here:

Pictures and Videos to come! Check Back Soon!

Text: Stefan
Video: CK Yip
Pictures: Courtesy of HKIFF

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