Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Recce

Upon settling in our comfy (Stefan would defer..) stay, we soon set off our journey to tame our hunger. You guys might wonder where we're put up. All i can say or show you is the view from our room. Pretty niffy eh?

After an absolutley huge portion of lunch (you should see how full we were..) we set off on our recce of the various cinema/theter location that we will be covering during the festival.

First up: UA Times Square. THE place for teenagers as its a mecca for fashion and accessories.

Next: HK Convention and Exhibition Centre. The equivalent of our Suntec. That's where most of the main events are held.

Next stop: Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Last stop: UA Langham Place, also located within a shopping complex, right in the heart of Mongkok.

After a tiring day, scouring around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, we decided to taste the local delicacies....of stinky tofu, or fermented beancurd.

You know what? It's like durians, an acquired taste. Good thing is, we both like the smell (!) and the taste. HK$6 for a piece.

The main beef on the festival coverage to come real soon, meanwhile, you'll have to put up with our blabber as we play first, then work later.

Next up, the Las Vegas of the East - Macau!

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